Costa Rica coach wants FIFA to keep an eye on Robben`s diving

Salvador: Costa Rica coach Jorge Luis Pinto urged FIFA and referees to keep an eye on Dutch superstar Arjen Robben for diving in the upcoming quarterfinal match here Saturday.

Robben had won a decisive penalty in Holland`s 2-1 victory over Mexico in the last 16, reports Xinhua.

After the match, the Dutch winger admitted that he had dived for a free kick during the first half which stirred up a controversy.

"Robben is the one of the four or three best player in the world, but in another hand we have to say that we really worry about Robben`s diving," said Pinto.

"We would like to ask FIFA and referees to watch Robben closely, I hope the referees for tomorrow`s match could watch out and be careful."

Pinto insisted that Robben`s diving should be punished by a yellow card when the two teams meet.

"Maybe he would have to leave the pitch because he gets two yellow cards for diving, why not? That could happen. I want to trust the referees and let`s see what they do tomorrow," Pinto added.

Talking about the tactics about their match, Pinto has no plan to make any changes and wants his team to focus on defence.

"We don`t need to change anything, maybe we can improve our attacking but that`s all. We will maintain our philosophy of defence. I don`t know if Holland will play 4-3-3 tomorrow but we have prepared for it," the 61-year-old Colombian coach said.