Ecuador leader roots for Argentina to win final

Quito, Ecuador: Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa says he was rooting for Argentina to win the 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup final against Germany.

Argentina, twice World Cup champions (1978 and 1986), and Germany, three-time champions (1954, 1974 and 1990), play for the World Cup title Sunday at Rio de Janeiro`s Maracana Stadium, reports Xinhua.

"Of course, I`m rooting for Argentina, without any doubt. What`s more, I believe Argentina deserves to win, since they have been improving," the president said in a radio interview Thursday.

Correa, an avid football fan, said the team`s last few games "have been very good", particularly their semifinal match against the Netherlands Wednesday, which Argentina won 4-2 in a penalty shootout.

"The team won in penalties, but they should have won the match. In other words, if football was fair - it`s about scoring goals, but if it was a matter of merit - Argentina deserved to win the game," said Correa.

Winning the final will be tough, said Correa, adding that Germany is a "great team" that exposed Brazil`s weaknesses in their Tuesday semifinal match, won by the Germans 7-1.

Brazil`s defeat "is a tragedy, not just for Brazil, but for all Latin America. Hopefully Argentina can avenge the game on behalf of Latin America," said Correa.

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