FIFA World Cup 2014: Baichung hails Algeria`s, USA`s performances

Aditi Tyagi

The FIFA World Cup 2014 has been an interesting one considering the way the underdogs have performed in the tournament so far. In an exclusive chat with Aditi Tyagi of Zee Media, former Indian skipper Baichung Bhutia hailed the performances of USA and Belgium.

Excerpts from the conversation:

We would want to know which is your favourite team now considering all the upsets we have seen so far?

Since beginning, I had named four teams which could do well but Germany was and remains to be my favourite to win the title.

Everybody expected Portugal to easily win their match against USA. But USA came up with a superb fight and it was only in the last 30 seconds that Portugal managed to keep their hopes alive in the tournament.

Ghana and Portugal both will now have to win the last match. Germany will have to defeat Ghana, if they play a draw, both Germany and USA will go through. Ghana and Portugal will have to play hard and we could witness the best match in Group 1 between these two teams.

Ronaldo played the match with a new hair style against USA.

We also saw a new hairstyle from Neymar in Brazil`second match. They are all footballers and they keep experimenting with their hair styles.

Ronaldo also played half match in full sleeves, rest half in half sleeves. Is this some sort of superstition?

No it could be because of the weather conditions. In the initial phases, the body isn`t that warm and thus several players prefer playing in full sleeves.

Tell us something about the US team?

This team is full of young players. Their coach has been working hard and the results are evident.

Is it a World Cup or a wonder cup as the underdogs have been performing well. Algeria has created history now.

Algeria`s performance has been excellent. They won the match 4-2 against Korea which is a great result for them. If they manage to pull off a draw in the last match, they can advance into the next round for the first time.

Belgium won their last match 1-0. What is your take on their performance?

If you ask me, my second favourite after Germany, I would say Belgium. They have been playing extremely well and they are playing with a good combination.

What are your predictions for today`s matches?

Netherlands should win the first match. Cameroon is a good team but there is lack of unity between the team but considering the way Brazil have been playing, they should win it. Spain are now out of the World Cup, thus they should give opportunties to all the players who couldn`t play earlier and they should win the match.