FIFA World Cup 2014: Baichung hails Suarez`s improved temperament

Aditi Tyagi

Uruguay star Luis Suarez is famously known for his bad-boy image in world football. In an exclusive chat with Aditi Tyagi of Zee Media, former Indian skipper Baichung Bhutia hailed Suarez`s improved temparent and an incredible comeback from a knee injury.

Excerpts from the conversation:

England have clearly disappointed all their fans.

There are always a lot of expectations from England ahead of a World Cup but once it kicks off, nobody lives upto the expectations. In yesterday`s match, Suarez single-handedly defeated them. Prior to that, it was Balotelli. The best part is that both these players have played in England. They now probably know the English football too well and are knocking England out of the tournament.

As you were saying Luis Suarez is now probably used to playing against England. Steven Gerrard is his club`s captain as well.

Yes, five players from the England squad are his team-mates from Liverpool. He has comeback from an injury but for me it is hard to believe that he was out of the tournament considering the way he played. Many Liverpool fans would be upset with Suarez, after the way he played against England.

In 2010 World Cup, Suarez was famous for hand-ball. And after the win against England, his emotions showed his passion for the game.

Suarez always remains in the headlines. In the last World Cup, he held the ball and it was the most famous incident of that World Cup. The way Suarez has been celebrating, I am concerned if that could lead to another injury. I even think had he played the first match for Uruguay, they wouldn`t have lost it. The best part was that the moment he scored the goal, he went towards his physio who played a major role in his recovery.

Luis Suarez is also remembered for his biting incidents.

Yes while he was playing in Holland, there was one such incident where he had bitten an opponent player and received a 10-match suspension for doing so. Last season, he was given another 12-match suspension for a similar incident, this time against a Chelsea defender. But there has been a major improvement in his temperament this year, where he has not received a single card and has shown a lot of maturity as well.

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