FIFA World Cup 2014: Fred, Neymar sharpen teeth in training

Brazil strikers Fred and Neymar jokingly took a leaf out of Luis Suarez`s book on Wednesday by pretending to bite teammate Marcelo and Dani Alves in training.

The pair engaged in some light-hearted tomfoolery a day after Uruguay forward Suarez caused a storm by appearing to bite Italy`s Giorgio Chiellini in the shoulder.

Suares was Wednesday waiting to see what kind of punishment FIFA would slap on him for his midemeanor.

But the Brazilians could afford to see the funny aside as they prepared for Saturday`s second-round match against Chile.

FIFA has launched an investigation into the Liverpool star.

"I saw what happened -- everyone saw it," said Brazilian midfielder Willian.

"But it`s not for me or the team to pass judgment. We have to stay concentrated on the job in hand and not get distracted by peripheral stuff."

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