Firefighter said facing jail for scalping

Rio De Janeiro: A Brazilian firefighter could face jail for trying to sell World Cup tickets at inflated prices, Globo reported on Monday.

Globo named Sergeant Rogerio Cruz as having been fingered in an investigation following an investigation over several weeks by Globo television.

The broadcaster had Sunday shown how several fans had been duped into buying bogus or non-existent tickets at above face value prices on a website purporting to be connected to world football body FIFA.

All tickets, bearing the purchaser`s name, have been bought through FIFA`s website.

In Globo`s Fantastico program broadcast Sunday night, scalpers were seen in Rio near FIFA`s distribution centers for buyers picking up genuine tickets for the June 12-July 13 event.

Having been asked by the firefighter if they were buying or selling, journalists discovered he was offering tickets for $1000 dollars apiece, some seven times face value, for Uruguay`s games with England, Costa Rica and Italy.

He also boasted he had tickets for numerous other matches, including France versus Ecuador for some 20 times the face value of around $25, while boasting he could obtain a ticket for the final ... for some $4,000.

FIFA says it has sold some 2.5 million tickets -- around 1.6 million for Brazilian fans.

One woman told Globo she had received an email saying she had been allocated tickets for her and three younger brothers.

But when she turned up the ticketing center to claim them, having paid, she was told there none was in her name.

She said her brothers "cried a lot -- they were very sad" to learn the family had been duped.

Rio authorities said they are investigating while Globo said it had sent its evidence to FIFA.

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