France team doctor blames Bayern for Ribery absence

France team doctor Franck Le Gall has accused Franck Ribery’s club Bayern Munich of being responsible for the winger’s absence from the World Cup finals.

Le Gall said Ribery played as a substitute in the German Cup final on May 17 with-pain killing injections having suffered from back trouble for several weeks.

“Franck belongs to a club whose method of treatment for all pathologies, whatever they might be, is based on injections,” Le Gall said in a strong indictment of the Bundesliga champions.

“He had suffered from lumbago for several weeks. Despite that, he was lined up for the German Cup final,” Le Gall told a news conference at France’s Ribeirao Preto base in Brazil.

“He shouldn’t have played that match. He then came to us after he’d had pains for three weeks.

“Don’t forget he had an operation for a haematoma in his buttocks in February. He’s had a series of injuries since January,” Le Gall was quoted as saying by French daily Le Figaro.

“We could have chosen to infiltrate him, which we didn’t. At a certain moment he’d had enough of (injections), so we didn’t do that because he’s afraid of jabs.”

Le Gall said the conclusion of an examination the France team arranged for Ribery done by a French specialist was that there was no way for Ribery to play without pain.

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