Neymar`s agent launches brutal verbal attack on `old jerk` Scolari

London: Brazilian ace Neymar`s agent has reportedly launched an astonishing and brutal verbal attack on coach Luiz Felipe Scolari after the hosts shock 7-1 defeat against Germany on Tuesday.

While the humiliating defeat against Germany is still fresh in the mind of the people, Neymar`s agent Wagner Ribeiro has now had his say reeling off a sarcastic list of requirements needed to take charge of Brazil.

Ribeiro`s sarcastic list had six points that are required to become Brazil`s coach, with one being Portugal coach and winning nothing.

Ribeiro`s second point is going to Chelsea and being sacked the following day, and the third says going to Uzbekistan.

Neymar`s agent`s fourth point said returning to Brazil, taking over a big team, Palmeiras in this case, and getting them relegated to the second division.

The fourth point is followed by leaving the club 56 days before the end of the Brasileirao season to `escape` relegation.

Ribeiro`s final and sixth point says being an old jerk, arrogant, repulsive, conceited and ridiculous.

Scolari is widely expected to leave his post at the end of the tournament but he would still guide his side through the third-place playoff on Saturday, the report added.