Spain have the experience, players to beat Chile, says Baichung

Aditi Tyagi

After facing a big defeat against the Netherlands , Spain will lock horns with Chile in their second match. In an exclusive chat with Aditi Tyagi of Zee Media, former Indian skipper Baichung Bhutia analysed the game and also shared his thoughts on outstanding performance of Guillermo Ochoa against Brazil.

Are you a bit surprised by the way Brazil played against Mexico?

Yes. Brazilians are known to play football beautifully. They have played two matches so far in this World Cup. But the flair with which they generally play their football, was totally missing in these games.

What you have to say about the performance given by the Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa?

You can say that Ochoa single-handedly earned a point for his team. But on the whole, Mexcian defenders also did a fabulous job. But there was no coordination and combination between the Brazilian forwards. We have been following Brazilian football, the way they attack. No matter how robust the opponents defence is, they create their chances. But in this game, they failed to create such chances. All the chances came either from the crosses or though the headers. But one Mexican player who stood out throughout the game was Ochoa. All the decisions he took, were right. In the end, his efforts helped his team to earn a crucial point.

Do you think Mexican goalkeeper also frustrated the five time World Cup champions Brazil?

The most crucial part of a goalie is his position. Good goalkeepers always dive less, as most of the times they are in a good position to stop the ball. In Spain`s opening match, Iker Casillas, came out of the goal post, at times that`s also important, but you have to be sure about your decision.
Suppose if you go out when striker has the ball under his control, then it`s a sheer waste. So the goalkeepr`s decision making and positioning is an important factor. Ochoa`s positions were right, he read the match well. He didn`t give the Brazilian strikers much space. That`s why he was rewarded with Man of the Match award.

What do you have to say about the pressure that Neymar and Brazilian organisers are facing?

The passion for football in Brazil is very high. On top of it, the way protests are going on in the country regarding the World Cup, the government authorities would also be under immense pressure. Expectations are at an all time high from the players. So on and off the field, there is a lot of pressure on players and the government. Players know this very well that if they lift the trophy this time around, they can unite the nation once again. So, there is immense pressure to win the title.

Are you disappointed with the way Belgium played against Algeria?

Not really. Though Belgium should have won the match easily, they were unluckily one goal down due to a penalty. But Algeria surprised me a lot with their organised game. And they defiantly frustrated Belgium a lot.

In toady`s tie against Chile, can Spain come out of the big opening match defeat?

I guess so. They have the experience and players. The age factor also makes them one of the most experienced team at this World Cup. They play for big clubs, have the experience to play in high voltage matches. In fact, they handled the pressure well in the last edition of the World Cup final. The game against Chile is quite crucial for Spain and they have to win the match. If it ends in a draw, they would still have an outside chance. But another loss in today`s game and they are out of the tournament. So it`s a do-or-die match for Spain.

Are you expecting any changes in the Spain team for the match?

Yes. I guess their defence in the last match was quite poor. Iker Casillas performed badly. So they might change the skipper. Their defenders, Gerard Pique and Sergio Ramos, also showed lack of coordination. They play for different clubs and that`s the major reason behind it. We can also see few changes up front.

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