Up to 100 fans moved for Natal match over safety concerns

Rio de Janeiro: Between 50 and 100 fans have been moved to different seats for the Mexico v Cameroon World Cup match in Natal on Friday due to safety concerns over some of the temporary seating, a spokesman for the World Cup`s local organizing committee said.

The local fire service requested that the places be moved to a different part of the stadium after a last-minute visit on Friday morning.

But the fire service said it had not been able to complete a full and final approval of the area and refused to vouch for the safety of the seating.

"For safety reasons there was a request that 50 to 100 places were re-allocated within the temporary seating," Saint-Clair Milesi, spokesman for the Local Organizing Committee which works with FIFA to organise and operate the World Cup, said.

The World Cup in Brazil has been plagued by delays with preparations at a number of the 12 stadiums running right to the wire. In the north-eastern city of Natal around 10,000 temporary seats have been installed in the stadium to accommodate fans for matches.

"The new seats may be done, but we didn`t have the access to give our final approval," said state firefighters` spokesman Christiano Couceiro.

"Anything that happens today is the total responsibility of FIFA."

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