Arena Fonte Nova (Salvador)

Salvador is considered the first capital city of Brazil. Arena Fonte Nova is yet another newly constructed stadium for the World Cup this year. It is built on the site of Fonte Nova. It is officially referred to as the Estadio Octavio Mangabeira. The original stadium, Fonte Nova, was inaugurated in 1951. At that time, it was the venue of fierce duels between Esporte Clube Bahia and Esporte Clube Vitoria. However, the stadium was shut down in 2007 and then demolished in 2010.

Arena Fonte Nova is similar to the Fonte Nova in terms of its structure and design. The entire stadium is covered with a metal roof. The stadium is within a complex and is also equipped with a football museum, car parks, hotels, shops, concert hall and a restaurant. The entire construction process was built though a public-private partnership model.

Arena Fonte Nova has a seating capacity of almost 52,000. It will host six games which is the second highest of any stadium in Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Following is the list of matches that will be hosted at this venue:

13 June 2014: Spain v Netherlands

16 June 2014: Germany v Portugal

20 June 2014: Switzerland v France

25 June 2014: Bosnia and Herzegovina v Iran

01 July 2014: 1H v 2G (Round of 16)

05 July 2014: W51 v W52 (Quater-Final)

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