Estadio Castelao (Fortaleza)

Estadio Castelao is the main football stadium in the city of Fortaleza. Ceara and Fortaleza are the two biggest clubs within the city and the Estadio Castelao is home to both the teams. The stadium was built in 1973 and named Estadio Governador Placido Castelo. The Castelao as it is popularly called has been revamped in order to play host to the 2014 FIFA World Cup. It was also chosen as the venue for some matches of the Confederations Cup in 2013.

The newly structured stadium is equipped with an underground card park with 19,000 spaces. It also comprises of new executive boxes, media center, VIP area and a mixed zone. Even the player dressing rooms have been revamped. A new roof has been installed that covers all the tiers.

Modes of access to the Castelao have now been improved. This has been possible due to the creation of four new bus lanes, a LRV (light rail vehicle) line and two metro stations. These new additions will make it extremely convenient for spectators to enter and exit the stadium. The stadium complex also has an Olympic center, multiple restaurants, cinemas and a hotel.

Estadio Castelao has a seating capacity of around 60,000. It will host Brazil`s second group match and the atmosphere is bound to be electric on that day. The Castelao will host six matches in total during the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Following is the list of matches that will be hosted at this venue:

14 June 2014: Uruguay v Costa Rica

17 June 2014: Brazil v Mexico

21 June 2014: Germany v Ghana

24 June 2014: Greece v Ivory Cost

29 June 2014: 1B v 2A ( Round of 16)

04 July 2014: W49 v W50 (Quarter-Final)

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