Estadio do Maracana (Rio de Janeiro)

This iconic stadium was built to host the 1950 FIFA World Cup. Estadio Jornalista Mario Filho known as the Maracana, was witness to a historic final between Brazil and Uruguay that year. This, by far is the best stadium in Brazil, which is why it will host the biggest matches of this year`s edition.

Maracana is famous for being one of the biggest stadiums in the world and has in the past accommodated even 200,000 spectators. However, for 2014 FIFA World Cup, the authorities have reduced the capacity of the stadium to 75,000. It still remains the biggest stadium in Brazil.

Special preparations have been put in to restructure the stadium this year. Lower ring seats have been demolished and better seats have been built, which guarantee a superior viewing experience to the fans. All the seats have been replaced inside the stadium. Maracana has been fitted with a new roof that is incorporated with a rainwater collection system.

The historic city of Rio has witnessed tourists flocking to the Marcana thereby making it the second most popular tourist destination in the city. The stadium will host seven matches including the all important final, the maximum of any stadium in Brazil.

Following is the list of matches that will be hosted at this venue:

15 June 2014: Argentina v Bosnia and Herzegovina

18 June 2014: Spain v Chile

22 June 2014: Belgium v Russia

25 June 2014: Ecuador v France

28 June 2014: 1C v 2D (Round of 16)

4 July 2014: W53 v W54 (Quater-Final)

13 July 2014: W61 v W62 (Final)

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