Estadio Mineirao (Belo Horizonte)

Home of Atletico Mineiro and Cruzeiro, the Estadio Mineiro has been completely revamped for the upcoming world cup. The process of redevelopment of this stadium was completed well ahead of time and it is considered as the most well equipped stadium among the 12 venues. It is considered as one of the most historic stadiums in Brazil.

The stadium is located in Pampulha , which is a neighborhood in Belo Horizonte. This venue was inaugurated in 1965. The possession of the stadium is helped by the state government of Minas Gerais.

During the restructuring of the stadium, surface of the pitch has been lowered thereby improving the accessibility to the venue. A facility to store 6,270,000 liters of rainwater has been created. The stored water can be re-used later.

On match-day, irrespective of whether Mineiro or Cruzeiro are playing, the crowd always builds a great atmosphere inside the stadium. Both these teams have won the top flight league of Brazil. Estadio Mineirao has also been host to international matches in the past. Brazil`s world cup qualifiers against Argentina in 2004 and 2008 were held here.

Some of the biggest legends in the history of Brazilian football have played inside this stadium. With a capacity to accommodate around 60,000 spectators, the Estadio Mineirao will host six world cup matches including one semi-final.

Following is the list of matches that will be hosted at this venue:

14 June 2014: Colombia v Greece

17 June 2014: Belgium v Algeria

21 June 2014: Argentina v Iran

24 June 2014: Costa Rica v England

28 June 2014: 1A v 2B ( Round of 16)

08 July 2014: W57 v W58 ( Semi-Final)

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