Winning World Cup in 1998 helped France remain united says Patrick Vieira

London: French footballer Patrick Vieira disclosed fears over the division of France and revealed that winning World cup can help a divided country be united amid tensions.

The 37 year old divulged that France won the World cup in 1998 at an opportune moment as the country was going through a difficult period and the diversity of the French football team showed the diversity of the french people.

He further added that it was important for them to win the World Cup because that had sent a message to the political world about the real face of France.

According to CNN, France`s win was widely viewed as a rebuke to Jean-Marie Le Pen, former leader of the right-wing National Front party and his anti-immigration stance.

Reports have revealed that Vieira, who won 107 international caps, feels that those running the country missed out on a golden opportunity to enable France to capitalize on that new found unity.

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