World Cup 2014 final match to have upgraded security

Rio De Jaeiro: The final match of the FIFA World Cup to be held July 13 in the Rio`s Maracana stadium will have tighter security, including the local military police and maybe even the Army, a media report said Friday.

According to daily O Estado de Sao Paulo, the recent flaws in the Maracana stadium` s security caused a rift between FIFA and the government, Xinhua reported.

The security inside the stadium and in the success points is carried out only by FIFA` s stewards, but, in both Cup matches played in Maracana so far, there were invasions of fans without tickets.

According to O Estado, FIFA downplayed the first incident, on Sunday, but in the latest one, on Wednesday, almost 90 Chilean fans tried to force entry at the stadium and were arrested. The FIFA private guards were insufficient to deal with the incident and the police had to take action.

In addition to the incidents in Maracana, the fact that many Heads of State will attend the event is another reason for the upgraded security in the final match, O Estado said.

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