Can Sochi Games be a success without any disruption?

Zee Media Bureau

As Sochi opens itself to a world audience for the 22nd Winter Olympics, many will ask if the organisers of the Games have indeed successfully put other issues in the back-burner, unveiling the Olympic movement in its newest light.

Staging an incident-free Olympic Games is the target for any organising committee, for any country hosting such a mega-sporting event. In the history of the Games, we have seen unwanted incidents taking precedence over the actuals sporting events.

Still today, the Black September resonates with what can go wrong in such a gathering of world`s top athletes. For all the reasons – territorial politics to individual choices, any protest, in any form can prove detrimental.

For the last few years, in the run-up to the Games in the Black Sea resort city, critics and detractors have been having a field day asking all the right questions on environmental issues, human rights concerns, including those of sexual minorities, safety of the athletes and a plethora of other issues – ranging from corruption to governance, in their myriad forms.

We, at, invite you to post your comments and tell us what do you think is right and/or wrong about the overall success of Sochi Games, representing the true spirit of Olympic movement.