Is BCCI right in opposing UDRS?

Yet another important Test series against England for the Indian cricket team and once again there will be no Decision Review System (DRS).

It is said that after India used UDRS in a series against Sri Lanka, a lot of reviews went against them and this is the reason for this reluctance on accepting UDRS. Reportedly, M S Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar are opposed to the system.

Another critiscm regarding the Decision Review system is that, it is not so fool-proof. The Hawk eye system has had flaws which was evident in the recently concluded World Cup. The Hot Spot, currently being employed for England-Sri Lanka series is far better and accurate than Hawk eye. But it is quite costly and broadcasters tend to shy away from using it.

We at would like to ask your opinion on whether there is a need for bettering the UDRS or BCCI’s reluctance in using the system which has clearly helped in decision making for the umpires is un called for.

Post your comments and let us know:


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