First Masters winner Horton Smith`s green jacket to be auctioned off

Washington: The green jacket awarded to the first Masters Winner in professional golf, Horton Smith, will be auctioned off, which is among the ten jackets that were awarded to 1949 champion Sam Snead and nine former Masters Champs from 1934-1948.

According to CBS News, Michael Lackovic is the last of Smith`s relatives to care for the jacket and last month he decided to sell it.

He said that there was a strong feeling within Smith`s close ones that the jacket should be displayed somewhere very prominent, and he would like to see the PGA historical museum acquire it.

Bob Zafian, co-owner of Green Jacket Auctions, initially questioned the jacket`s authenticity but later believed that the jacket could be real, the report said.

Smith`s jacket joins nearly 400 pieces of golf history currently up for bid on, the report added.

The current bid is up to 117,000 dollars while the final bid is expected late Saturday night, the report further said.

One of the last green jackets to be auctioned, and believed to belong to Bobby Jones, co-founder of The Masters, sold in 2011 for more than 300,000 dollars, according to the report.