Jason Day says Tiger Woods has champion-like look

London: Golfer Jason Day, who settled for second place last year at the Masters and the US Open, believes Tiger Woods has a champion look in his eyes, something that Rory McIlroy had last year after winning the US Open.

“It`s Tiger: 14 majors. He can get that back in a heartbeat, especially around here with the crowds. They are on his side. If he`s playing good, you`ll definitely hear it. And it`s kind of chilling if you do hear it,” Day was quoted in the media reports.

Day revealed that he had met Woods on the driving range last month at Doral, and caught a glimpse of the intensity that made Woods a golfing legend.

“I could tell that there was nothing else that he wanted to do more than win and play well. I wasn`t surprised. I said to my caddie, ``He`s going to win pretty soon.`` Surprising enough, he won a couple of weeks later,” he said.

“And I could just see it in his eyes that he was going to do it. That`s just how it is. It was like when I was watching Rory last year at the US Open. I just knew he was going to win because it just looked different,” he said.

“It just seemed like Tiger, he was comfortable, but he had that look in his eye that he was going to do it pretty soon, and it happened,” he added.