Meet the three-year-old golf prodigy who was hitting balls before even walking

Washington: A three-year old southern Louisiana kid James, who is known as `Baby James`, is the pint-sized prize of his region for his skills on the golf course and was hitting the ball before even learning to walk.

James` mother Nicole Grimes said that the three-year-old would start hitting the ball around the house while he was crawling. James did not start walking until he was 17-months-old.

A self-described `golf mom` Nicole drives James to practice at two nearby golf courses at least four times a week.

Nicole said that she called her father and told him that she cannot believe that James is just hitting the ball, making contact with it, even when he is not walking.

According to his dad, James Grimes, James often wanted to play with his plastic golf clubs and even brought them to restaurants when they went out to eat.

James said that they just kind of let their son have fun with the golf stick so then he would just do it all the time.

Nicole said that a lot of people do compare James with Tiger Woods, adding that of course Woods is an amazing golfer. She said that it would be great if James went to the PGA tour.

James` father said that they know their son would be in the PGA tour. James` coach thinks that it is possible.

James` coach Michael Watts said that he has seen kids that can hit balls and have fun, but not the level he plays at, adding that what sets him apart is his focus and how he can come out every single day and practice.

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