Satisfied with game but still looking for the big W: Gangjee

PTI| Updated: Oct 22, 2013, 18:14 PM IST

New Delhi: After spending a couple of years in the USA, Rahil Gangjee returned to the Asian tour this season and the Indian golfer said though the experience has given him an "edge" over others, he is still looking for that elusive big victory.

"I think I have an edge over others here because of the experience which I got in web.Com. There you have to dig deep, you have to score 20-under consistently there. Scoring a five-under or four-under is like a par, so competition is tough," Gangjee told reporters on the eve of the BILT Open championship starting at Jaypee Greens on Wednesday.

"I was a little rusty initially, when I changed from USA to Asian tour, here it is tougher golf courses. In web.Com, they set the golf courses same every week, it is wide fairways, short rough and soft greens. So it doesn`t make a difference if you are hitting 4-Iron or 7-iron to the greens.

"But here the wind changes, it rains sometimes, it is hot sometimes, the greens are firm sometimes, so adaptation is happening always. You are just honing your skills and that makes a confident golfer. But in America, everybody is so good that they go 5 or 6 under everyday. So that is the difference. But I am looking for the big W this year," added the 2004 Volkswagen Masters winner.

Gangjee had earned his card through the Asian tour Qualifying School early this year. Recently, he was in contention for a title in the Macau Open when he was tied fourth after the third round.

Asked about his game, Gangjee said: "I am satisfied so far with my game but I am still looking for the big W. I need a little bit of tweaking in my mind. In Macau, I slipped in last round and Arjun (Atwal) was playing with Anirban (Lahiri), who shot nine-under and I shot one-over, so he said `we need to talk`.

"So, I spent some quality time with Arjun and I think it is going to help," added Gangjee, who lives just three doors away from him in Kolkata.

"I am working on that aspect of the game. It will take time. It is the same thing but have to do a little bit of fine-tuning. It will happen slowly," said the Kolkata-born golfer.

Asked about his goal, Gangjee said: "My goal was to keep the card and it happened and now my goal is to be in the top 30 and after I finish doing that, the next would be go for the next tour. I believe in setting short term goals or else you will get stagnant.

"Ever since I have been to America and back, I have played in 25 new golf courses week after week in last six months. So your brain is working non-stop, there is no time to think, there is no time to be negative, so it is great for the game.

"In the six years in the Asian tour, I started stagnating, I was playing on the same golf courses and what happens is when you play bad, you get into that lull and you have to do something to get out of it. So I left the continent," he said.

The 35-year-old said he is in a good frame of mind now and would spend the next year on the Asian Tour before taking a call on his
future tournaments.

"My mind is so fresh now, I won`t fall into that trap again. I will keep doing something to refresh my mind. All I have to do is to go and play in a higher tour and automatically it improves the game."

"Right now, I have lost my card in web.Com and I have come back now and I think it going to be good," Gangjee said.

"I think I will spend all my time in the Asian Tour this year and next year. At the end of 2014, I will take a call. I won`t say I won`t go to web.Com but right now it looks, I am not. If I suddenly win six tournaments and my ranking goes up then I won`t have to go to the web.Com."

Asked about Jaypee Greens golf course which will play host to the BILT Open, Gangjee said: "It is a good condition. You need to hit long in this course but then the last person who won here was Manav Jaini. So it shows though hitting is important, you still gonna hole it."

"I am not thinking about the competition, I just know what I have to do and I want to stick to that. My target is five a day, so 20-under and I think it is achievable in this course," he added.

According to a new decision, a golfer can earn a PGA Tour card only through Web.Com Tour.

Asked about his view on this decision, Gangjee said it will only dissuade other golfers from trying to qualify for the PGA tour.

"I don`t agree with PGA tour decision as a world player. If you are in America then it is great you but it dissuades other golfers because you have to pay the same amount of fees at web.Com but you are not even playing in USD two million events. It is dissuading," he said.