Tiger Woods in trouble again

Updated: Jun 16, 2010, 21:34 PM IST

New York: Controversy doesn`t seem to
leave Tiger Woods as a porn star claims that the ace golfer is
the father of her son.

The 29-year-old, Devon James today said that Woods,
34, is the father of her son, Austin T James, whose middle
name is allegedly after Tiger.

"She was 19 and was attending a Christian school
programme where they met. Soon, they started a relationship
and she became pregnant. But, she decided not to tell Tiger,"
a source close to James said.

James never had a DNA test to prove her claim, the
source admitted and further said that "she knows he is the
father of her son because he is the only African-American man
she dated at that time."

However, James` mother, Sandra Brinling, who has
custody of the child described her daughter as a "pathological
liar" who knows Austin`s real dad, according to Daily News.

"(My daughter is) only out to lie, steal and cheat.
All she is looking for is to get money from (Woods)," said

Woods has been in trouble since his extra-marital
affairs with dozens of women became public last year. Shocking
details of his private life received worldwide attention with
several of the golfer?s mistresses coming forward to provide
information about his infidelity.

The cover-up was busted after his wife Elin found out
about his extra-marital affair with, Rachel Uchitel, a New
York party planner, which led to an argument and accident on
November 27 when Woods crashed his SUV outside his Florida
mansion sustaining minor injuries.

The golfer had apologised for his behaviour, spent 45
days in rehab for sex-addiction and has spoken of continuing
his treatment.

After the sex scandal broke, Woods took a five month
break and then entered the Masters in April.

This is the second time since Woods was busted that a
woman has claimed him as dad of her kid. The first one was
Theresa Rogers in December who said that she had Woods` baby
in 2004 but kept quiet after getting a multi million-dollar
deal for her silence.