Tiger Woods leaves spectators bloody, injured with tee shots

Florida: Ace golfer Tiger Woods left one of two spectators in a bloody state during the final round of the World Golf Championships here on Monday.

According to news.com.au, Woods, who was suffering from back spasms all day, hit both spectators during a terrible round of six-over.

Tiger`s first victim was a German tourist. He struck the man on the head with his opening tee shot. The tourist collapsed to the ground clutching his bleeding head. But he saw the funny side of the incident, when he held up the golf ball and said he had acquired a souvenir.

An apologetic Woods handed the injured spectator an autographed glove.

However, the World Number One`s ordeal was far from over.

At the third hole, another mishit tee shot struck a spectator on the shoulder. The victim also received an apology and a signed glove.

Woods ended up in a tie for the 25th place.