Tiger Woods spends post-tournament night partying with `scantily-clad` women

Washington: Tiger Woods was spotted partying with some attractive `scantily-clad` females the night following his 14th Annual World Challenge Golf Tournament.

The 36-year-old golfer stayed out at California’s Westlake Village Inn for the party after the event on Saturday, Dec. 1.

“Tiger was dressed in jeans and a beige sweater as he danced the night away,” Us magazine quoted an eyewitness as saying.

“At one point he was surrounded by a group of six women on the club’s dance floor!” the eyewitness said.

“Tiger was the man of the hour. He requested that the DJ play, ‘Tonight I’m F---ing You’ by Enrique Iglesias,” the eyewitness revealed.

According to Woods’ fellow clubgoer, women “loved” his racy pick.

“The scantily-clad women surrounding him loved it,” the witness said.

“They danced for hours!” the witness said.