Woods is a player from another planet: Barack Obama

Washington: The US President Barack Obama said Tiger Woods came across as a player from "another planet" when he played golf with the legend of the sport, last weekend.

"I don`t think either party was nervous. He knew that I wasn`t a big threat to his world ranking and I knew that I better keep my day job," Obama said in an interview in San Francisco.

"He plays a different game than I do. He`s on another planet," Obama said sharing his experience of playing golf with one of the top golf players of the world.

Obama played gold with Woods over the weekend in Florida.

Woods said the President "hit a few" good shots and the experience was "pretty cool."

"He hit the ball well, and he`s got an amazing touch. He can certainly chip and putt," Woods said of Obama.

"If he spends more time playing the game of golf, I`m sure he can get to where he`s got pretty good stick," he said.