Hastily planned India-Oz series fundamentally flawed

Sydney: Noted cricket columnist Peter Roebuck has said that the ongoing Test series between India and Australia is fundamentally flawed.

In a syndicated column for the Sydney Morning Herald, Roebuck wrote: “It is hardly appropriate that the two titans of the game lock horns in a hastily arranged two-match series staged a few days after the completion of the T20 Champions League.”

“Clearly the horse is driving the cart. Two-match series have little to commend them, in which regard they resemble fat-free milk. Some things ought to be done properly or not at all,” he added.

He also claims that the venue for the first Test, Chandigarh, lacks the charm, challenges and cricket of India’s main centres.

“Considerably to their loss, some of these tourists might never get the chance to play a Test in Kolkata. Mostly it is bad luck. The Indian board uses its main grounds in turn and Australia keeps getting this featureless northern outpost,” Roebuck said.

However, he did admit that the match between the top two teams in the world is expected to be a corker.

“It’s been a long time since these sides produced a dull day let alone a dull match. India’s brilliant and apparently ageless batting order counts among the game’s treasures,” Roebuck said.

“The Australians are renowned for their refusal to buckle. It is a clash that often turns into a confrontation, a battle of wills that draws the best from all involved,” he added.