We want to be the best team in the world: Nobbs

New Delhi: India coach Michael Nobbs said he wants his team to be the "best in the world in the time to come."

Nobbs said his team wants to dominate against all teams each and everytime they take the field.

"It is hard to be your best everytime you are in the field and we want to be at the top of every team we play both physically and psychologically. We want to be the best team in the world," Nobbs told reporters, after the match.

The Australian said he was happy with the performance of his team as they were getting better with each match.

"The Polish goalkeeper is probably the best in the world (indoor hockey) and he was brilliant today. We were inside their circle 26 times compared to that they penetrated us four times. Our finishing was better than yesterday, I mean we were in a better position to score than yesterday," he said.

Asked if India was too dependent on star dragflicker Sandeep Singh, who has scored 11 goals in the tournament, Nobbs said: "I don`t think we are too dependent on Sandeep for penalty corners. You have to score from penalty corners as well as field goals, if you don`t do that, you don`t win tournaments. I am happy with Rughunath and Rupinder Pal Singh as well.

"We missed trapping a couple of times but we prepare as well as possible and we will look to do that before the finals," he said.

Nobbs said India were also busy in the field and looked to create opportunities.

"I am happy with the movement of ball around the field, this is exactly what we were looking for, we scored in the last moment but we were relentless throughout the match," he said.

"I am not too happy with the defensive corners and we will practice that area of the game tomorrow," he added.

Asked about their final against France, Nobbs said:"I didn`t see it, it was too tense, isn`t it? Well, we will analyse the video of the match tonight. It is not going to be easy in the finals against them.

"Probably, it would be much tigher than what we played in the last time. It is a grand finale and I am sure it would be pretty tight," he said.