Interference present at all levels in Pak cricket: Ex-PCB official

Islamabad: Interference is present at all levels in Pakistan cricket, Dr Tauseef Ahmed, who was appointed as a training and rehabilitation consultant by the PCB for a period of five years around 1999, has said.

Input from all circles, whether unwanted or unqualified, has always been identified as a major barrier to individuals performing their specific roles within Pakistan cricket. “Interference is present at all levels and happens in accordance with the level of understanding. If you don’t have the required knowledge about something then questions will be asked of you and people will object to you,” a website quoted Dr. Ahmed, as saying.

“Former cricketers feel they know more about cricket as they have played the game. On the other hand, people, like me, who are educated, have also played cricket... Interference was the reason I resigned from my position,” he added.

When questioned on the issues he faced while explaining the importance concepts such as diet to Pakistani cricketers, Dr. Ahmed replied: “It’s very difficult. Saeed Anwar, Wasim Akram, Shoaib Akhtar, Azhar Mahmood, these guys were very receptive towards learning and understanding new information”.

“They know nothing. The trainers that have come in are B-category, they aren’t certified. I’m not playing politics and trying to pull down the guys who are in, but even now I have the data I compiled in 1999 on the Pakistani cricket. To this day, no one has collated data like that – I used to speak to individual players for hours so I know individually what their levels are and what they’ve shown,” Dr. Ahmed said.