London 2012: Bolt criticizes ``petty`` London Olympics officials for imposing ``too many rules``

Updated: Aug 06, 2012, 17:21 PM IST

London: After winning his second consecutive 100 metre gold at the London Olympics, Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt has criticized Game officials for disturbing his normal routine with "too many rules".

Bolt, who declared his intention to achieve legendary status by winning a third successive Olympic 100 metres final in Rio in 2016, said: "There are a lot of rules, oh my God. You can`t do anything. I was coming and wanted to bring my tablets in, and they said I couldn`t. I asked why. It is just a rule.

"I had my skipping rope in my bag and they said I can`t bring it in. Why? It is just a rule. What if I need to take a rubber band inside to stretch? I can`t take it inside because it is a rule", The Telegraph quoted Bolt, as saying.

"It is just very small rules that don’t make any sense to me. [Before the 100m final] the guy was telling us to line up. We were about to race, and we were being told to stand in a straight line. It is kind of weird," Bolt added.

Bolt went on to stress his admiration for Great Britain and said he had been enjoying life in the Olympic village.

Bolt came to the Olympics with doubts over his fitness and complimented the work of German doctor Hans Muller-Wohlfart.