Olympics 2012: Usain Bolt believes accusing him of ‘drug taking’ would ‘kill’ athletics

London: Star sprinter Usain Bolt has claimed that athletics could be finished if he was ever suspected of drug taking.

The fastest man on earth, having clocked 9.58 seconds, claimed that he has a responsibility to ensure the blue riband event of London Olympics is a clean race with not a whiff of suspicion about it.

“I’m well aware that if there was ever a hint of a drug scandal against me, it could finish athletics. That won’t happen,” The Sun quoted Bolt, as saying.

“However many times I’m tested and I’ve probably been tested more than any other sportsman on the planet since breaking the world record, that is still not enough to satisfy some people,” he added.

The Lightning Bolt, who bids to retain his Olympic 100 meters title tonight, believes victory will establish him as a legend and claimed that how vital it was that he was above suspicion.

“My attitude towards drugs has always been to stay away from them, whether performance-enhancing or recreational. I don’t even like supplements because of my fear one might show up on the banned list,” he added.

“The testers can form a queue outside my house if they want. The more often they test me and other athletes and show we are clean the better it is for the sport, “he added.