Olympics 2012:‘Freak’ Bolt says no one able to explain secrets behind his stunning speed

London: Olympic champion Usain Bolt has said no one till date has been able to explain why he runs so fast, and suspected that his freak nature might be playing a part in his astonishing speed.

Bolt has defied all logic and despite suffering from a back condition called scoliosis, which causes his spine to curve to the right and implies that his one leg is shorter than the other, has not been able to stop him achieve spectacular feats.

Bolt’s height of 6ft 5in with size 13 feet is also not ideal when it comes to going off the blocks, and the Jamaican claims people still ponder over the exact reason behind his astounding velocity.

“Nobody has been able to explain why I’m so fast. Maybe I’m a freak of nature, maybe scoliosis actually helps, I don’t know. However I’m put together, it works,” The Sun quoted Bolt, as saying.