‘Sprint sensations’ Blake, Bolt set to ‘set pitch on fire’ in Oz’s T20 league

Sydney: Sprint sensation Yohan Blake has reportedly been approached to play in the Big Bash League (BBL), days after Usain Bolt revealed Shane Warne had asked him to play in the Australian domestic T20 cricket tournament.

While Blake has recently expressed his desire to play cricket, listing it as his ‘first love’ above athletics, Sydney Sixers Chief Executive Stuart Clark would make an offer to the Jamaican, if he were available.

If Blake, 22, agrees to the offer, a potential ‘dream showdown’ can be expected between the world`s two fastest men on the cricket fields of Australia this summer, the report said.

“For one he is a great athlete, and yes he would be a marketer`s dream, but from all reports he can actually play cricket and that`s better than anything else,” News.com.au quoted Clark, as saying.

“If he can do what he says he can do, and I have no reason to disbelieve him, Yohan would be a marquee player for me to sign. I would definitely be considering it.,” he added.

After winning gold and two silver medals at the London Olympics, Blake had described himself as a ‘talented batsman’ and claimed that he is “better at cricket than running”.

“Cricket, that`s my love, that`s my passion. When I was growing up I watched cricket with my father. I have grown up to love the sport even more than track and field,” he had said.

Australian agent Tony Connelly is currently brokering the deal between Blake and the Big Bash after seeing the sprinter`s comments, the report said.

Blake and his manager are now working out if he will be free to play for BBL amid his sprint commitments, following which the Sixes would be able to offer him their final overseas marquee contract and can tailor a deal for a specific number of matches, the report added.