Usain Bolt parties with Swedish women handball players after 100m win

London: Usain Bolt partied with three members of the Swedish women’s handball team in his room, hours after winning gold at the 100m sprint.

He then tweeted a picture of himself and the trio making “W” hand gestures for the world to see, with the comment “A gaza (in Kingston) we say hmmm mmm.”

Gabriella Kain, Isabelle Gullden and Jamina Roberts partied with Bolt after they asked for “special accreditation” to meet their idol.

Despite losing all five of their matches and finishing bottom of their group, the Swedish handballers managed to win the attention of Bolt’s manager who obliged with an introduction.

And, off the handball court, they turned out to be real players, partying for three hours in his bedroom.

Roberts said that the group passed the time talking, posing for photographs and looking at Facebook.

“We met his coach in the dining room and asked if we could follow on and meet Bolt,” the Mirror quoted Roberts as saying.

“It was awesome, he wasn’t cocky or anything. He wasn’t drunk, either, he’d just got back from the race,” she said.

According to reports, Jamaican decathlete Maurice Smith also joined the party.

Bolt tweeted another photo at 4pm showing him sitting alone on his bed.

Holding up three fingers to the camera, the legend teased his million-plus Twitter followers with the caption: “I am up and ready to go again.”