Cameron forecasts £13 billion bonanza from London Olympics

London: Britain Prime Minister David Cameron has predicted that the London Olympics could give a 13 billion pound boost to the country.

Cameron aims to attract new trade by using the event as a showcase for UK business and tourism, a newspaper reports.

He will unveil plans this week for a series of summits to ensure that the country``s firms cash in. He hopes they will help secure deals worth more than one billion pounds and make economic growth the Olympics legacy.

Up to 4.5 million extra visitors will flock to Britain after the Games, pumping 2.3 billion pounds into the country. And 10 billion pounds in extra business is predicted in the next four years.

Cameron will say in a keynote speech: "The challenge is to make sure we turn these Games into gold to secure an economic boost that more than pays for the cost of putting them on".

"That``s my mission for London 2012. Drumming up business for Britain. Selling Britain to the world," he added.