Cheryl Cole hints at Girls Aloud reunion this year

Last Updated: Aug 15, 2012, 13:23 PM IST

London: Cheryl Cole dropped a massive hint that her former group Girls Aloud may perform together again after seeing the success of the Spice Girls reunion at the Olympics closing ceremony.

There was no stopping the former wife of footie star Ashley Cole US TV show Daybreak, when she revealed her love for Tom Daley , Prince Harry, watching the ‘X Factor’ and her band’s reunion.

She was chatting away on the show to promote her new single ‘Under The Sun’ when she started to let a few things slip.

“We have our 10th anniversary this year, which is insane if you think - it’s a massive achievement. It’s actually just exciting to be back, you know doing something,”

It was revealed that the girls have been recording together in the studio,

“I’ve been working with Girls Aloud recently.

“I can’t really talk much about it yet because it’s early days. But I can say we``ve been in the studio together,”