China attacks `Western media` over Olympic reports

Updated: Aug 02, 2012, 21:56 PM IST

Beijing: China`s state media on Thursday attacked what it said were arrogant and prejudiced views of the country`s athletes at the London Olympics.

After several days where Chinese competitors have been in the spotlight for winning golds, and drawing questions about doping and ethics, the official Xinhua News Agency and the People`s Daily both accused the "Western media" of making up stories.

"By doing so, the Western writers have demonstrated an arrogance and prejudice against Chinese athletes that has ignited widespread criticism from all around the world," Xinhua said in a commentary.

Chinese media, which is all state run, and the public have been upset at by allegations that 16-year-old swimming star Ye Shiwen may be using drugs because of the ease with which she has won two gold medals.

It said Ye has passed numerous drug tests, but "some Western media still turned a blind eye to the test results and continued to show their stubbornness and arrogance."

The People`s Daily -- the newspaper of the ruling Communist Party -- said in a commentary published on its website that criticism of Ye was part of a campaign to discredit China`s sporting achievements.

"Deeply rooted prejudices lead some Western media into blind ignorance," the paper said.

"Attempts to discredit Chinese athletes and disturb their performance are miscalculated. These shady movements will not affect the morale of Chinese athletes," it said. `