Outrage over sexualized footage of female athletes

London: US TV network NBC has released a controversial video called Bodies in Motion, featuring scantily clad female athletes, which sparked outrage from viewers.

The viewers say the footage both objectifies and sexualizes world-class female athletes, the Daily Mail reported Friday.

Featuring close-up shots of the female Olympians` breasts and bikini-wearing behinds, along with several clips of beach volleyball players encouragingly tapping each other on the rear, the video has been described as "creepy, porno and shameful".

Jezebel`s Erin Ryan wrote: "People are going to perv out over Olympians because Olympians are hot. But I`m disappointed that NBC posted this on its official Olympics website, thereby giving this treatment of female athletes a platform."

As the official broadcaster of the 2012 Olympics, NBC is the only way to watch and keep up with what is going on in the London games for most Americans, the Mail added.


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