CSI requests IOC to cancel Kalmadi`s Olympic accreditation

New Delhi: Continuing its protest over the possibility of Suresh Kalmadi`s presence in the London Olympics, Clean Sports India, a movement for corruption-free sports in the country, on Sunday wrote a letter to IOC, requesting it to cancel the sacked CWG Organising Committee chief`s accreditation for the Games.

"This move of him going to London, while his prosecution/ trial is under progress, has generated huge public outrage in India. We would request you to kindly bring it to the notice of the organising committee of London Olympics 2012 that Mr. Kalmadi visiting London to attend the Games can have serious consequences," CSI said in the letter signed by its convenor BVP Rao and acting president Ashwini Nachappa.

"It is in London that the CWG 2010 scam broke on Mr. Kalmadi`s misuse of funds allocated to the opening ceremony of Queen`s Baton Relay," CSI wrote.

CSI had earlier expressed disappointment at the Delhi court`s decision to allow Kalmadi, accused in a Games-related graft case, to go to the London Games.

"One of the charges levelled against him is that he made huge money on hiring temporary toilets, vehicles and video screens arranged for the function at Buckingham Palace. So his corruption did not even spare the dignity of the Queen.

"As a result Mr. Kalmadi is well known to Indian and English media based in London. We are very sure the world media will chase him in London, which will bring bad news during the Olympic Games.

"One more serious consequence would be that Indian community is huge in London which is very likely to protest wherever they see him."

Stating that his presence in the Olympics will defame India as well as the Olympic movement, CSI had appealed to the people of this country to protest such a move.

"In the light of the possible bad image for Olympic games, we request you and organising committee to withdraw/cancel Mr Kalmadi`s accreditation for the duration of the London Olympic Games 2012 viz. From July 26, 2012 to August 13, 2012."

"It is worth a mention that in an unprecedented time of just 5 days, IOC`s Ethic commission had vide its order dated 07.08.2004 withdrawn the accreditation granted to Mr Farah Addo, president of Somali (NOC) for he whole of Olympic Games 2004 in Athens.

"Similar action is warranted against Mr Kalmadi for his illegal acts of imission and commission as a sports administrator during CWG 2010 which has tarnished the reputation of the Olympic Movement besides disrespecting the Fundamental Principles laid down in the Olympic Charter and Rules of the IOC Code of Ethics.

"Hence, it becomes imperative to stop Mr kalmadi from coming to the Olympic Games under any pretext," the letter added.

CSI also requested the IAAF to review its invitation to Kalmadi.

"We are also requesting IAAF to review their invitation to him. They can easily find a way to substitute Kalmadi with any other senior official of Asia Athletic Federation to represent Asia in their meetings during London Games.

"We request you to take up the matter with IAAF and London Games organising committee to find way to prevent Mr Kalmadi bringing bad publicity to the Games."


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