2012 London Olympics: Mary Kom's quarterfinal match - As it happened...

Zeenews Sports Bureau

London: Mary Kom routed her Tunisian opponent Maroua Rahali 15-6 in the quarterfinal match of 51kg boxing category to cruise into the semi-final.


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Here is how the match panned out to be:

Boxing: Mary Kom wins 15-6
After Round 4: Mary Kom 4:2 Maroua Rahali

Round 4: Mary shows some more aggression in the final round. Rahali was taken by surprise in the previous round by Mary! End of the match, Mary seems to have done it. We should see a blue hand being raised and ‘there it is! Mary Kom is through to the semis and for sure India have another medal on the list!’

Mary Kom leads 11-4
After Round 3: Mary Kom 6:1 Maroua Rahali

Round 3: Undoubtedly Mary Kom is defending well. And some excellent BACK-TO-BACK punches by the Indian boxer! The crowd loves that! Much more aggression from Mary Kom. The crowd slowly gearing up.

Mary Kom leads 5-3
After Round 2 Mary Kom 3:2 Maroua Rahali

Round 2: Mary knows that height is a factor here and thus she isn’t that aggressive. Rahali attempts a few punches, Mary defends well. Mary Kom shows some aggression. Rahali looks in command, taking the full advantage of her height. Mary is using all her experience to decode her ''tall opponent.''

After Round 1 Mary Kom 2:1 Maroua Rahali

Round 1: Mary begins with some good defence. Rahali is taking her chances, trying to be aggressive. Rahali uses more of her left punch. Height can be a crucial factor in this match. Rahali continues to show aggression, Mary Kom leaping in, doesn’t connect with the punches. Mary warned by the referee for a punch behind her opponents’head.

Rahali is inches taller than the Indian boxer but Mary has loads of experience. Mahali is 5 years younger than the Indian boxer.

It was an impressive debut at London Olympics for Mary Kom who defeated Karolina Michalczuk of Poland 19-14 cruising into the quarterfinal of the 51kg category with ease.

It is yet to be seen whether she can repeat her performance against Tunisian Rahali in quarter-finals. In the first round, May once fell on the ring. But it was the last time her opponent could celebrate as he stood up and knocked out her opponent within no time.

“Today is their birthday and I am not with them to celebrate it because I am here to cherish my dream of competing in the Olympics. I want to dedicate this win and want to present them with an Olympic medal on their fifth birthday and, hopefully, I will do it,” said an emotional Mary Kom after her win in the first match.

The country has huge expectations from the mother of two who is just one win away from a Bronze medal.

All we would want to say to her is “Go Mary Go!”

Match begins at 6:30 pm (IST)