London Olympics 2012 Badminton: Fighting Kashyap goes down to no.1 seed Lee Chong Wei

Updated: Aug 02, 2012, 21:31 PM IST

Zeenews Sports Bureau

London: GAME 2 LIVE: Kashyap 11 : 21 Chong Wei

No.1 seed Lee Chong Wei takes the second set 21-11 against Parupalli Kashyap to win the match 21-19, 21-11.

10 match points against Kashyap.

Game point for Chong Wei.

Chong Wei takes a massive lead.

Another powerful smash by the Malaysian down the line. He wins the point. 15-8

Long by Kashyap.

Chong Wei extends his lead in second game. 11-6 to no.1 seed.

Kashyap hits it long.

Kashyap fails to take the drop over the net.

Another smash by no.1 seed and Kashyap has no answer to it.

Powerful body smash by Chong Wei.

GAME 1: Kashyap 19 : 21 Chong Wei

Fantastic play by Chong Wei, he leapt to the net when the chance was there and no.1 seed takes the game.

Kashyap just about fails to take the shuttle over the net. 20-19 for the Malaysian.

Cross Court smash, too kthe pace of Chong Wei. 19-19.

Once again long by Chong Wei. 19-18

Error by Kashyap lands the shuttle in net. 18-18

Chong Wei hits it long. 18-17 to Kashyap

Massive smash by Kashyap right in the middle.

Good return game by Kashyap but Chong Wei gets the point.

Long rally Kasyap waited patiently and Chong Wei hits it wide. 16-15 to the Indian.

Kashyap with a leaping smash after a good net dribble.

Point to Chong Wei close to the net. It is 12-14

Short return from Kashyap falls short. 14-13 to the Indian.

Powerful smash by Kashyap. 14-11

Chong Wei hit it long. 8-13.

Disguise by Kashap as he goes for a smash but hits it down the line.

Chong Wei going over the net. He trails 8-11.

Easy putaway by Chong Wei. 7-10.

Net dribble in favour of Kashyap. He leads 10-5.

Powerful smash by Chong Wei. 5-9

Backhand cross court drop by Kashyap in the serve. 8-4

Just wide from Chong Wei. 3-6

Chong Wei retreives beautifully to make it 3-5.

Kashyap taking a good lead showing good variety of skills.

Indian shuttler Parupalli Kashyap is up against No.1 seed Lee Chong Wei In the quarterfinals of the Men`s Singles event in Badminton.