London Olympics 2012 Badminton: Saina Nehwal vs Tine Baun-As it happened...

Updated: Aug 02, 2012, 18:24 PM IST

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London: No.4 seed Saina Nehwal of India dispatched Tina Baun of Denmark 21-15, 22-20 to reach the semi-final of the women’s singles badminton event. The first game lasted 16 minutes and the second game 21 minutes.

GAME 2: Nehwal 22 : 20 Baun

Saina Nehwal sails through to the semi-final beating Tine Baun 21-15, 22-20. Saina scored 10 points without service and 12 points with service in the second game.

Saina takes the advantage and match point for Saina.

Baun's smash is wide and it is deuce.

Saina saves the second game point, as she hits the shuttle just millimetres inside the baseline.

Game point for the Dane.

Another long rally, Saina goes deep and hits the net. 19-17.

Whatay smash by Saina. 17-18 for the Indian.

Long rally, Saina gets the point. 16-18.

Powerful smash by Baun. 18-15.

Baun leads 16-15 as she fetches a point with a precision push.

Saina hits the net, 15 all.

Cross Court placement by Baun. 13-14.

Error by the Dane, long shot. 12-14.

Saina hits it wide. 13-12.

Saina hits it long. 13-11.

Saina leads by 11-10 going into the break.

Saina draws level. 10-10.

Saina gets a point near the net. 9-10.

Baun is on a roll in this Game after conceding many free points in the first.

Strong smash Baun. Dane leads 9-7.

Saina hits a straight smash.

Good judgment by Saina as Baun hits it long, but only just.

Baun hits the backhand straight, Saina misses. 7-4 to the Dane.

Another long shot by Baun. 4-4.

Saina leaves and the shot is long from Baun.

Baun tried a drop but the shuttle hits the nets.

Another unforced error by Baun 1-2.

Second game is underway now.

Saina scored 10 points without service and 11 points with service.

GAME 1: Nehwal 21 : 15 Baun

Saina takes the first set 21-15 with a strong smash.

3rd Game point saved by Baun. 20-15

Game point for Saina.

Baun hits the net again. 19-11.

Two quick points for Baun. 11-17.

Long rally and Saina gets the point, shuttle lands just inside the baseline. 17-9

Baun with an error again 8-15.

Good return by Baun and Saina was not quick with the turn.

Baun with a powerful cross court smash gets a point 7-10

Another error by the Indian, quick points for the Dane.

Saina hits it long.

Error from the Danish again, hits it wide.

Another powerful smash by Saina.

Precision smash by Saina after a long rally.

The match his underway.

After a long delay the match between Saina and Baun will start shortly.

Live updates from the quarter-final match between No.4 seed Saina Nehwal and No.5 seed Tine Baun of Denmark.

Due to another match at Court 2, Wembley Arena the Saina Nehwal game has been delayed for more than an hour now.

The match has now ended and Saina will be up next.

Keep watching this space for the live update.

Past Results for Nehwal

R16 NEHWAL S 21:14, 21:16 YAO J

GP NEHWAL S 21:4, 21:14 TAN L


Not so good news from the Boxing Arena as Jai Bhagwan crashed out of the Olympics.

The game has been delayed a bit.

The match was scheduled to start at 14:02 BST and 6:32 pm India time

No.4 seed Saina Nehwal and No.5 seed Tine Baun of Denmark in the quarterfinal of women’s singles event.