London Olympics 2012 Boxing: Devendro Singh loses in quarterfinals

Updated: Aug 09, 2012, 00:53 AM IST

Vineet Ramakrishnan/Zeenews Sports Bureau

London: Devendro Singh of India lost in men's fly weight (49kg) quarterfinal bout against Paddy Barnes of Ireland 23-18 to bow out of the London Olympics.

Devendro Singh, who had a win courtesy RSC in the round of 16 started the bout as the aggressor going in the same vain as his earlier bouts but the experienced Irish Boxer Paddy Barnes kept evading the Indian’s left and right swings. While Devendro Singh relied heavily on his movement and straight punches, Paddy Barnes back paddled well and got in the crucial punches with good hooks.

By the end of Round one Paddy Barnes led 7-5 owing to the Irish boxer’s accurate punches as opposed to Devendro’s wild swings.

In Round 2, Devendro continued to rush towards Paddy but this time Paddy also went for the kill and a healthy exchanges of left-right combos saw both Devendro and Paddy earning points.

Devendro, though was docked two points by the referee for an attempted head butt on Paddy. Both boxers went into a clinch as the taller Barnes went forward and Devendro needlessly struck with his head. Paddy continued to extend his lead with accurate punches. The Irish took the round 10-5.

With a lot of ground to cover in the final round, a tiring Devendro again went for the wild swings dropping his guard as Paddy Barnes seemed happy to duck and evade the Indian.

Paddy was warned for excessive ducking but Devendro did not employ the uppercuts till the last minute of the game which earned him couple of points at the end. Devendro took the round 8-6 but lost the bout 23-17.


After Round 3: BARNES 23 : 18 DEVENDRO

Round 3 score: BARNES 6 : 8 DEVENDRO

And that is the end of it. Paddy Barnes of Ireland should move into the semifinal.

Big right by Paddy and Devendro is rattled.

Uppercut by Devendro but Paddy gets a point.

Paddy ducks and evades well.

Devendro with a flurry but Paddy defends well.

Paddy gets a warning for too much clinching.

1 min 50 sec to go.

Paddy throws in a left of his own.

Devendro is going al lout but Paddy evading well.

Nice right jab by Devendro.

This seems all over for Devendro. Aggression for Devendro not working out as experienced Paddy Barnes shows his skill.

After Round 2: BARNES 17 : 10 DEVENDRO

Round 2 score: BARNES 10 : 5 DEVENDRO

Devendro tiring.

Taller Paddy Barnes is making use of his height.

And Refree docks 2 points of Devendro for an attempted head butt.

Good exchanges.

Paddy boxing well with accurate punches.

Left jab by Paddy on Devendro.

Left hook by Paddy.

Wild misses by Devendro as Paddy gets a point with a straight one.

Devendro with aggression but Paddy evading well.

After Round 1: BARNES 7 : 5 DEVENDRO

Round 1 score: BARNES 7 : 5 DEVENDRO

But Paddy leads by two points.

Couple of punches by Devendro.

Devendro with a big right.

Paddy with a jab.

Paddy going for body blows.

Devendro with a counter and a jab.

Paddy gets a point with a hook.

Blow to the body by Paddy.

Paddy defending well as Devendro swings wildy.

Devendro is going all out, good aggression.

Devendro with a right again.

Good exchange of blows by both and Devendro gets point with a straight punch.

Paddy with a left.

The first round is underway.

Live updates from the men`s light fly (49kg) quarterfinals bout between Devendro Singh of India and Paddy Barnes of Ireland.

The bout starts at 1:15 am (IST). Watch this space for live updates.

Devendro Singh beat Beijing Olympics silver medalist Serdamba Purevdorj of Mongolia in Round 16.

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