London Olympics badminton: Saina Nehwal vs Wang Xin - As it happened

Updated: Aug 04, 2012, 17:57 PM IST

Nishad Vellur/

London: India's Saina Nehwal won the bronze medal in badminton singles at the London Olympics 2012 after she was declared winner in the play-off match as her Chinese opponent Wang Xin retired hurt.

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Wang won the first game despite the injury she suffered at the end of the first game. She came back in the second game to win a point but the injury haunted again before finally pulling out of the match.

Saina Nehwal vs Wang Xin: As it happened...


Wang Xin is still struggling from the cramps she nurtured in the first game.

Saina Nehwal lost the first game against Wang Xin 18-21 in the bronze medal match.

Great comeback. Wang finishes the game. 21-18

Looks like the Chinese world no 2 is suffering from a cramp. Match interrupted.

Saina saves another two gamepoints. 18-20

Saina with another drop. 16-20

Saina saves a gamepoint with a good drop shot. 15-20

Gamepoint for Wang.

Good comeback by Wang. 19-13

Long rally. Too deep but just in. Saina earns point. 13-18

Just in. Wang tried a high clear. Saina read well to leave it. Earned Point. 12-17

Unforced error from Saina again. 17-10

A good drive from Saina. Earns point. 10-15

Clever drop by Saina after to break a long rally. 9-15

Wang surprises Saina with a flick. Good wrist play. 15-8

Good net shot. Saina gains point. 7-14

Just wide. Error in judgement again by Saina. 12-6

Passing shot form Wang. Wang leads. 11-6

Error in judgement from Saina. 8-6

Wang failed to clear the net. 6-6

Saina on backfoot. 5 all.

Clever play from Wang.Hits it deep. Earns point. 4-5

Tried for a drop. Point for Wang. 2-4

Long rally. Point for Saina 3-0

Saina gets another point. 2-0

Saina wins point after a long rally. 1-0

The match is underway.

Saina Nehwal vs Wang Xin bronze medal match begins in a short while.

Saina’s record against the Chinese read 2-4 who lost her semifinal match against compatriot Li Xuerui.