London Olympics Boxing: Vijender Singh goes out in quarters

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London: Indian pugilist Vijender Singh lost his quarterfinal bout against Abbos Atoev of Uzbekistan 13-17 to crash out of London Olympics 2012. After Round 1 both the boxers were tied 3-3 but in the second Abbos took a two point lead and third round saw Abbos extending his lead to 4 points winning the round 5-7.

Vijender was not aggressive nor tactical as he had been in the last two matches.

Having being beaten by Vijender 7-0 in the final of the 2010 Asian Games, the Uzbek was determined to take revenge this time.

The two boxers took time to measure up to each other in the first round that finished at 3-3.

The crowd was completely behind the Indian as chants of "jitega jitega India jitega" reverberated at the ExCel Arena.

In the second round, the Indian was slow off the blocks that allowed Atoev to take a two point lead by winning the round 7-5. Atoev's made his flurry of punches count and Vijender also hit back with an upper cut that disbalanced the Uzbek.

The Uzbek was more tactial in the second round that helped him to strecth his lead. Vijender with his left-hook tried to get inside Atoev's defence but luck was simply not on his side.

In the third and the final round, Atoev displayed some lovely defensive skills as Vijender ran out of steam.

Vijender gots his left hooks going but Atoev didn't privde easy opportunities. The Uzbek danced down the ring and scored his points off the counter attack, dashing Vijender's hopes of a second Olympic medal.

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After Round 3 Vijender 13 : 17 Abbos

The bout as it happened...

Round 3 score: Vijender 5 : 7 Abbos

5 secs left and that might be the end of Vijender's campaign.

Abbos seems to be at bay here.

Abbos with another point.

Abbos defending well.

Vijender connects Abbos gets one of his own.

Less than a minute to go.

Abbos connects a straight jab.

Right from Vijender connects.

Just minute and a half to go.

Ref warns Abbos and Vijender.

Abbos counters.

Vijender with a left-right combo.

Abbos clinches as Vijender loses time.

Crowd behind Vijender.

Vijender two points behind, Third round underway.

After Round 2 Vijender 8 : 10 Abbos

Round 2 score: Vijender 5 : 7 Abbos

Punches traded as Vijender gets a left hook.

Vijender catches Abbos but the Uzbek evades.

Abbos picks a point with right but Vijender strikes with a right jab.

Right jabs connected by both.

Abbos with a left hook of his own on Vijender.

Abbos stumbles as Vijender connects with a left hook.

Abbos the aggressor but not accurate.

Heavy punches exchanged between the boxers.

Vijender with a neat right, Abbos counters with a left-right combo.

Second round underway.

After Round 1 Vijender 3 : 3 Abbos

Round 1 score: Vijender 3 : 3 Abbos

Last 20 secs in, both boxers stalking each other.

Abbos again with a swing but Vijender with a right jab, strong one.

Flurry by Abbos again, Vijender evades.

Vijender comes back with a big right.

Patient start by both the boxers, Abbos with the first wild swing as Vijender gets into the attack. Abbos with a left hook on Vijender.

The first round is underway.

Live updates from the men`s middleweight (75kg) category quarterfinal boxing bout between Vijender Singh of India and Abbos Atoev of Uzbekistan.

Loud cheer for Vijender Singh in the Arena.

The bout is about to start.