Olympics security ‘not compromised’ by staff shortfall fiasco, avers Coe

London: Security for the Olympics has not been compromised even after the failure of private security firm, G4S, to recruit enough security staff, London 2012 chairman Lord Coe has said.

According to the BBC, “We will work very hard, we will remedy this, security will not be compromised,” Coe said.

It has emerged that 3,500 troops were being drafted in to replace the security which will not be provided by G4S. “A ‘prudent and judicious plan’ had been put in place”, he said, adding: "This is not about numbers, this is about the mix." "I’m in the Olympic Park every day - we’ve got 4,000 trained G4S personnel in the park and they’ve been there for some years and they’ve been doing a spectacularly good job," he said. Lord Coe said 100 venues and more than 2,000 sessions of sport meant "this comes together in stages and when the rubber really hits the road, that’s when plans collide with reality and that’s the reality of security".

He added: "I can’t put it more simply than this, G4S expected people to materialise and when they didn’t, as the home secretary has said, we moved very quickly to fill that gap." Meanwhile, Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman said that the government had failed to properly monitor G4S.

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper also said there had "been fantastic work delivering the venues and so on but it’s not just about G4S letting the country down, why on earth did the Home Office not know what was happening?" G4S has said it stands to lose up to 50 million pounds on the contract, worth a total of about £280m, after being unable to provide the 10,000 staff it had been contracted to deliver.