London Olympics 2012 swimming: Stephanie Rice considers quitting swimming

Updated: Aug 01, 2012, 13:10 PM IST

London: Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice is considering walking away from the sport after a disappointing Olympics campaign in London.

A serious shoulder injury, which required surgery, prevented the triple Olympic gold medallist from nearing her best in London.

Rice said she could not face another disjointed preparation for a major event after London.

“If preparations are going to be like the one I just had, there is just no way in the world I can keep it up,” she said.

Rice finished fourth in 200m individual medley, where fellow Aussie Alicia Coutts won silver behind Chinese sensation Shiwen Ye, reports.

As she considered whether she would swim on to Rio in four years laced with the injuries that hampered her, it got too much.

“I`m in a really tough position now, having to analyse what I want to do. I love swimming. I love competing and representing Australia but if preparations are going to be like the one I just had there`s just no way in the world I could keep it up, it was um . . . it was really tough. . . and, sorry,” she said.

She turned away in tears, had a quick cry, before answering the question.

Rice said: “The preparation was really tough. Obviously I can sit here and say so many things went wrong and that was the reason why I didn`t do well but at the end of the day I did everything that I could in this preparation.”

“If I couldn`t swim I was cross-training and doing whatever, and obviously I would have liked to have done what I know I could have done . . . I would have been much better prepared. But the reality was it is not how it panned out for me.