Twitter can be dangerous for your Olympics wellbeing!

Twitter can be dangerous for your Olympics wellbeing!

London: Known for connecting people, social networking site Twitter has been making all the wrong noises at the London Games. Racial posts on the site caused expulsion of two players while a spectator was arrested for sending malicious tweets to a British player.

Swiss football player Michel Morganella was sent packing by the Swiss Olympic Committee after he reportedly posted a racially offensive tweet about South Koreans following their 2-1 win over Switzerland.

The drastic step found support from US tennis star Serena Williams. "I think it`s honourable if they had to kick someone out because of that, then they realise there`s no colour bounds."

Earlier, Greek triple jumper Voula Papachristou was expelled from her country`s Olympic team over comments she posted on Twitter which were deemed racist. She was evicted from the team even before the Games had begun.

In another instance of Twitter turning dangerous, a teenager was arrested in Britain for sending malicious tweets to British diver Tom Daley, who missed out on a medal finishing fourth in the 10m men`s synchronised platform diving event partnering team-mate Pete Waterfield.

The 17-year-old was held after Daley retweeted the message which said the diver had let down his dead father by failing to win a medal.

London goof ups!

India received a lot of flak for its goof ups in organising the 2010 Commonwealth Games and now it is the turn of the London Games` bosses to be at the receiving end. Gripped by organising blues, they have been making a series of gaffes.