US offers assistance to Britain for the security of London

Washington: The United States on Wednesday offered its assistance to Britain for the security of the London Olympics as the visiting British Defence Secretary vowed to deliver a safe, secure and enjoyable summer games later this month.

"We are determined to deliver a safe and secure and enjoyable Olympics. And we`re very confident of our ability to do so. There was always going to be a very significant military component to the security plan. That military component is now larger than was originally intended," British Defence Secretary Phillip Hammond told reporters at a joint news conference with his American counterpart, Leon Panetta.

"The military makes contingency plans for everything and anything, and then a few more contingency plans just in case. So, you would expect the military to be preparing for every contingency. But we haven`t placed any further troops on notice to move," he said.

He however said if there was a requirement for more military support, it will be provided.

He said UK Prime Minister David Cameron has made it very clear that the country will do whatever it takes, whatever is necessary to ensure the safety and security of games.

"Our military stands ready to deliver that task if they`re called upon to do so," Hammond said.

Panetta told reporters that the US has offered all its security assistance to Britain.

"We work very closely with Secretary Hammond in this effort, and offer him whatever assistance he may need in order to ensure that proper security is provided," he said.

"I think we have the greatest confidence in the and his government that they will provide effective security for the athletes that are going to be there," Panetta said.