Olympic beach volleyball stars can’t keep their hands off each other at match

Olympic beach London: Spectators watching the women’s beach volleyball, which was always going to be an exciting event at the London Olympics, seemed to have got more than they bargained for on Thursday.

The competitors from Canada and Italy appeared to have been as preoccupied with reaching for one another as they were for the ball during the entire game.

In what goes some way beyond the typical hug to celebrate a point, Italy’s Greta Cicolari and Marta Menegatti, who won the preliminary round match, could be seen touching each others’ behinds more than once.

They weren’t the only ones as their rival team, Canada’s Marie-Andree Lessard and Annie Martin, were just as bad, reaching for each others’ derrières on several occasions.

In another match between Spain and the U.S. there were more attention-grabbing antics.

Spain’s Elsa Baquerizo McMillan was the worst culprit, adjusting her bikini briefs in full view of the crowd.

The women’s teams’ on-court posturing rivals the antics of the most melodramatic soccer stars, but is likely to have won them plenty of positive attention regardless.

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